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released February 23, 2016




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Lazy Avenue Vancouver, British Columbia

Lazy Avenue is a Vancouver based indie/Alternative Rock Artist. Started in 2009, and released the first album, "In Vain Vol1" in 2012.

New album is in progress. Songs will be released as they are completed.

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Track Name: Times I Remember
"... Every morning as soon as I wake up, I miss you in my dream,
Every place I went to show you has passed by, I see you by my side,
Every time I smoke to burn my lonely heart, I feel you in my heart,
Every moment I remember you cried out, I want to bring you back ..."
Track Name: Time Is Up
"Hey, Time Is Up, You can come around and set me free,
I don't wanna be here in this now,
Sun is up and now, I wanna get out.

You know we are in this mess,
We need to break this now.

Hey, now you know, How much time do we have now?
Someone told you everything's all right.
He might run away with gold

You see, everything blows out,
The centre of the universe is shifting now,
There is no reason to believe what they are saying,
No more gold is left for you, and for all of us,
You now know, we need to break this now."
Track Name: The Place I Don't Belong
"I Just can't believe this, how I lost here,
All I wanted to do, I wanted to fit in,
But, I'm walking on this, place no one cares,
If this's all I had, I'd better get out of here

This Place I belong, so many people here,
But, I feel like I am only one, oh no
You know what I am saying..

I tried to pretend, I would be all right,
But, I feel like more lonely than before
You know what I am saying..

This may be just a dream, so, I would be all right,
Maybe this is not a dream, it could be all right, I may be going insane..

Under this moonlight, so many people here,
All I wanted to do, I wanted to fit in.

You know what I am saying........ "

"The Place I Don't Belong" by Lazy Avenue
Track Name: Heaven's Waiting
Verse 1:

She was lost and slipped away,
At the corner of her dream,
She was lost and pushed away,
She was searching for her exit, I said..


"Wait, please wait.... for me"
"Wait, please wait...."

Verse 2:

Heaven's waiting on,
She was confused on her way out, I heard..
Heaven's calling out,
Waiting for her empty wings, I said,

Verse 3:

Heaven's waiting on,
Heaven's calling out,
Heaven's waiting on,
You are not the only one so...
Track Name: Love Is...
"You said Love is like a little flame doesn't end forever..
I said Love is like a purple flame that changes every time..

But, I don't know why I never seem to understand what you are saying..

Everyone says Love Is..
Everyone says Love Is..

Everyone is lying to you, and lying to me..

After all, I am all alone,
After all, you are all alone,
After all, we all alone,
After all, we don't know.. "
Track Name: As You Wake Up
"As you wake up,
You look up to the sky,
And, you don't know.
You wonder why..

Don't you worry about the sky, and
Don't you worry you don't know why
You don't always know everything,

You just go. You will know..."